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Monnow Glaucoma clinic an excellent community service

Helen Tilley at Monnow Eyecare

Survey results* from patients using the new community glaucoma clinic at Monnow Eyecare show how much they appreciate the change. Instead of having to visit the Royal Gwent Hospital for an assessment or a review, patients are offered the option of coming in the local practice instead.

This means the whole experience is more relaxed whilst the standard of care from the optometrists is identical. Patients rated the overall service as an average 9.8 out of 10 with many of them saying how they appreciated service with the professional, knowledgeable and understanding staff at Monnow.

Helen Tilley explains ”Our local practice does all the same tests that are normally carried out at the hospital. The patient data is shared with the hospital consultant so that monitoring and treatment for the glaucoma is the same. The difference is that most patients find it easier to travel to us and find the practice a more relaxed environment for their medical examination. They even comment on the better coffee!”

Monnow Eyecare optometrists have special training in using the equipment and many have specialist glaucoma qualifications, so patients can be offered assessment and treatment faster than waiting for a hospital appointment. “If you develop glaucoma getting treatment quickly is beneficial” says Helen “and it also reduces the risk of a patient going blind from the condition.”

One patient commented “this was excellent as I suffer from severe anxiety, it was a totally different experience from attending the Royal Gwent hospital and a lot less stressful!” Another typical patient said “my optometrist was extremely kind, knowledgeable and patient, very helpful, I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family”.

The survey said all patients had found the appointment easy to book and 88% of them said it was easier to get to Monnow Eyecare than to travel to the hospital. The practice was also rated 100% for clean facilities, patients feeling confident with their assessment and being treated with dignity. 99% said they were very satisfied that the staff understood their eye condition. Most patients (93%) had their assessment and treatment completed in under an hour.

If you have any concerns about the health of your eyes and would like to book a appointment at the practice, please telephone 01600 715 299, call into the practice or book online.

*patients were asked to complete surveys by Lisa Murphy, Ophthalmology Interface Coordinator for the Aneurin Bevan Health Board at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. The data was collected up to November 2017.


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