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Our experts make choosing frames easy

The experts at Monnow Eyecare understand how people feel when they come to choosing the right pair of glasses for them. Having a new prescription is just the starting point for Emily Biddecombe but because it’s a big decision for most people and she allows plenty of time to try distinctive styles and check that they feel ‘right’.

Emily explains how she guides people through to the final choice. “The prescription matters, particularly for a complex one such as varifocals, because the lens and the pupil of your eyes need to be the right distance apart, but there are no set-in stone rules regarding face shape and frame colour or style. Some patients come in knowing exactly what they want, and I really enjoy searching with them to find that perfect pair that they’ve imagined. Other patients have no idea what they would like, and I love the challenge of finding something that they not only love but will enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in!”

In helping those people who haven’t got a firm idea, Emily usually starts off with the choosing a suitable shape, and then moves onto the perfect colour for each patient. She says, “Don’t panic if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there is plenty of help and friendly advice available to you here and you don’t have to wait until you have an eye examination to talk to us


Whatever you decide, you can be sure to find an enormous range of colours, styles and shapes to suit every personality at Monnow Eyecare because the expansion of the practice last year means there is more space and more choice than ever. As an independent optician, the dispensers have their own free choice about the glasses and sunglasses they keep in stock.

Monnow Eyecare will also talk to you about taking out an optional Eyeplan® care package, which enables you to get a 30% reduction on the frames and to spread the cost of your glasses over 12 months. Other benefits include eye exams as frequently as you need them and accidental damage cover.


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