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As a local independent business, we involve ourselves in the Monmouth community, supporting local causes, events and societies.

Life-saving Care

A MONMOUTH man says he owes his life to his sharp-eyed optometrist - and she is thanking an equally sharp-eyed colleague who spotted a cancerous mole on her face which could have disfigured her.

Nigel Bean, 47, of Wyesham, was saved from a potentially life-threatening stroke and blindness in one eye after optometrist Helen Tilley realised his vision problems could caused by a much more serious health issue.

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Getting Involved

We are proud to support local causes, events and societies.


We have been sponsors of the Rowing Club for many years and recently sponsored a local point-to-point race. 


We have been long-term supporters of the Monmouth Festival, Monmouthshire Show and the Blake theatre.


We have provided support for the 1st Raglan scouts for a number of years and more recently, have been delighted to engage with the local U3A society, and the Model Railway exhibition.

1st Raglan Scouts in Monnow

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