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Contact Lenses in Monmouth

At Monnow Eyecare we have a wide range of contact lenses to suit either occasional or full time wear.


Our Optometrists will take the time to find out what contact lenses will best suit your needs.

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Our Contact Lenses

Major advances in contact lens design mean that almost everyone can wear contact lenses successfully.

Our expert team will take the time to help you find the right contact lenses which suit your lifestyle and preferences whilst carefully considering your prescription to make sure that you can truly look and feel your best with the clearest possible vision and maximum comfort. 

Did you know it is possible to have multifocal contact lenses which can correct both distance and reading at the same time?

The cost of Contact lenses and their care can be significantly reduced through our Eyeplan scheme.

If you would like to see if contact lenses are for you, please contact us to book a trial.

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If you would like to see if contact lenses are for you, please speak to our team to book a trial or find out more.

Need a backup pair?

Even if you use contact lenses regularly we always recommend you have a spare pair of up-to-date glasses just in case.

What Our Patients Say

Our customers appreciate "excellent and professional service from the opticians"