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Eye Examinations in Monmouth

We do more than just ‘sight tests’, we go that bit further. We deliver the best possible standard of patient eye care in a friendly, professional environment.

We offer both private and NHS eye examinations for our patients.

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Your Eye Test at Monnow

Our high quality private eye examinations take a little longer than you may have experienced elsewhere. This allows us to get the best from the extensive leading edge technology used by our optometrists and the comprehensive procedures involved.

Other checks frequently carried out are, for example, those for dry eyes, glaucoma or colour vision deficiencies. Using our computerised testing systems, we can assess your visual fields for glaucoma in about 3 minutes per eye.

Our retinal imaging systems are used on all our private patients. With digital photographic records showing the detail of the interior of the eye, a thorough analysis can be undertaken to check everything is normal. These images are then stored as part of your clinical records, enabling a comparison to be made on later visits. We have links with eye specialists so that your data can be emailed to them for a second opinion if necessary, with the results often back the same day.

Of course, an examination this thorough does cost a little extra but most of our patients agree it is a great investment in securing their eye health.

The NHS Sight Test is only a minimum standard for the testing of sight that dates back to the early days of the health service. Patients who are entitled to an NHS sight test can upgrade and experience the additional benefits of our private eye examination with retinal photography for a small additional charge.

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OCT Scan

OCT Scanning

Our state-of-the-art OCT machine machine uses safe and painless light waves to create a 3D, full colour picture of the layers at back of the eye.

What Our Patients Say

"I was really impressed with the time that was taken and also the way in which my optometrist explained every procedure to me" Mrs T Morgan