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Glaucoma Clinic At Monnow Eyecare

Glaucoma Clinic

After successfully running a pilot scheme over a year in the community in Monmouth, Monnow Eyecare have been awarded the tender for hosting Glaucoma clinics.​ The clinics involve remotely seeing diagnosed and suspected Glaucoma patients for the Royal Gwent hospital.

Glaucoma Scheme at Monnow

In Partnership with Royal Gwent Hospital

The practice does all the tests normally done at the hospital and then works with the consultant by sharing the data to monitor and treat glaucoma changes within the eyes.

The tests include obtaining a history and finding out any problems the patient may be having with current medication, doing field tests, measuring the pressure and corneal thickness.

Looking into the eye to assess the health of the optic nerve head and taking specialist 3D images of the optic nerve head on a Kowa camera which was put in place by the health board.

All the data is then sent on a secured electronic system directly linked to the consultants in the hospital.

All the optometrists are specially trained to use the equipment and with four optometrists in the practice with specialist Glaucoma qualifications, Monnow Eyecare Optometrists are well placed to look after the eyesight and help reduce the delay in follow ups which were occurring previously (the delay in being seen was potentially risking blindness in some cases).

The previous pilot showed that these patients were seen in a safe environment, close to home in a timely manner.

Building on this success, Helen has been in negotiations with Hereford eye department and in some cases, consultants may be happy for you to be treated in the community rather than at Hereford Eye Hospital.

Optical Testing Equipment

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