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Myopia Control

More commonly known as short-sightedness, Myopia is a condition where nearby objects are clear and objects in the distance are blurry.

Myopia is a very common condition and it is currently on the increase globally.

How Can We Manage Myopia?

As the degree of Myopia increases so does the likelihood of developing other eye health issues such as cataracts, retinal detachment and glaucoma.

You can help your child by controlling environmental factors that can affect the development of myopia.


Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Regular Eye Exams (NHS eye tests are available for all children under 16 and full-time students under 19)

  • Encourage your child to take regular breaks from extended wear from screen or close-up tasks such as reading

  • Good posture can help maintain a good working distance from nearby tasks (ideally about 12 inches/30cm)

  • Spending more time outdoors, ideally at least 2 hours a day

Exciting new developments in technology have been made which allow us to slow the growth of myopia with the use of specialist contact lenses and spectacle lenses which are now available here at Monnow. 


The sooner these treatments are implemented, the more likely it is that Myopia will be controlled to maintain prescriptions at a manageable level.


MiSight® Contact Lenses

CooperVision have developed these soft and comfortable contact lenses to slow down the speed of  myopia progression. Worn for 6-7 days per week, 90% of children aged 8-15 find them easy to handle and prefer them to spectacles.

MiYOSMART® Spectacle Lenses

Launched in 2021, these revolutionary spectacle lenses from HOYA Vision Care are a highly effective, non-invasive and child-friendly option for managing the development of Myopia by an average of 60%.


These lenses by No 7 are designed to be worn overnight, gently reshaping the cornea while asleep and removed in the morning, providing clear and comfortable vision during the day without needing spectacles or conventional soft contact lenses, a great option for active children. Ortho-K lenses have been proven to delay myopia progression in children across many studies. 

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