OCT Scanning


OCT Scanner

Monnow Eyecare opticians has always offered customers the very best in health screening and eyecare thanks to the latest advanced technology Ocular Coherence Tomographer (or OCT) scanner.

We have recently updated the scanner and the new machine generates twice as many detailed 3D images of your eyes than the previous model, in a faster time than before.

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How does our OCT machine work?

The machine uses safe and painless light waves to scan and build up the 3D, full colour picture of the layers at back of the eye. The optometrists can then give you the very best advice about keeping your eyes healthy, so almost all of Monnow Eyecare customers choose to include this as part of their regular eye test. 

Helen Tilley, Optometrist at Monnow says "Our new OCT scanner, which is the most advanced equipment available to hospitals and opticians, gives us superb quality images. These images and other information from our routine tests allow us to build up a very comprehensive picture of your eyes at every check-up. In the unlikely event that anything abnormal is detected we pick this up at the earliest opportunity so any necessary hospital referrals or treatments are done as quickly as possible."

OCT Scan Results

Until now, customers who needed angiography - a scan to look at the blood vessels in the eye - had to travel to a hospital and undergo an injection of fluorescein into their arm. This test can have unpleasant side effects such as nausea and leaving a metallic taste in your mouth. Because the new scanner can examine the layers of capillaries of the retina and choroid in such minute detail, this time consuming and unpleasant procedure can sometimes be avoided.

The Cinderhill Street practice has been using the OCT 3D scans for the last 5 years, so keeping track of even subtle changes in your eyes happening between regular check-ups is possible. Because Monnow Eyecare keep all this information on your file, your optometrist knows immediately when a particular eye condition is becoming more serious or if a change of treatment is recommended. The scanners help to diagnose early glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and vitreous detachment as well as indicators of diabetes, which is a serious condition that is increasingly common in children and younger people.

All of our Optometrists at Monnow Eyecare are trained to use the new OCT tests and interpret the data it produces. Why not ask about a test when you book your next appointment with our receptionists?


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