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Get expert help when choosing glasses

Having a new glasses prescription is just the starting point for dispenser Emily Biddecombe at Monnow Eyecare because it’s a big decision for most people and she allows plenty of time to try distinctive styles and check that they feel ‘just right’.

Emily explains “The prescription matters, particularly if it’s a complex one such as varifocals, because the lens and the pupil of your eyes need to be the right distance apart, but there are no set-in stone rules regarding face shape, frame colour or style.” Whilst some people have a firm idea what they would like, others need to take more time to find something they love, will feel comfortable wearing and will look great. Emily usually starts off helping people with the choosing a suitable frame shape for their face, and then moves onto finding the perfect colour. A frame that is too wide, too long around the side or does not fit well round your ears will not be comfortable when you’re wearing it for any length of time. As a rough guide, the shape of your glasses should echo but not match the shape of your face.

Once a good frame shape has been decided, Emily then thinks about the colours. Pale complexions often suit subtle colours such as rose, amber or a light tortoiseshell. Olive or Mediterranean skinned people often look stunning with silver, gold, burgundy or brown frames, whilst black skins work very well with metallic frames and often suit brighter colours. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, so Emily encourages people to take their time and try different colour options before making that final decision about a frame. “Having an informal chat with someone about the pros and cons of different choices also helps me match frames to their personality “says Emily, “ sometimes patients want a complete change, sometimes they are looking for something very similar to their last pair but that’s closer to current fashions”.

Monnow Eyecare is an independent optician with the space in the practice to offer a huge range of styles and colours. We’ll talk to you about taking out an optional Eyeplan® care package, which enables you to get a 30% reduction on the cost of the frames and allows you to spread the cost of your glasses over 12 months. Other benefits include eye exams as frequently as you need them and accidental damage insurance cover for your glasses.

Emily says, “There is no need to panic if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there is plenty of help and friendly advice available to you here and you don’t have to wait until you have an eye examination to talk to us!”

To arrange an appointment for new frames, to try contact lenses or for an eye exam, call the friendly and helpful team at Monnow Eyecare on 01600 715 299.


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