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Monnow Eyecare introduces personalized progressive lenses

Monnow Eyecare is one of the first practices in the UK to offer patients the KUDOS® virtual reality technology to create a progressive lens personalized to the way the wearer looks at objects and the world around them.

The virtual reality headset analyses all points and directions of the patient’s gaze, including far distance, near distance and intermediate focus. The technology then uses this data to create a lens with wider natural vision, and minimal oblique astigmatism, giving the wearer a better visual experience with reduced need for unnatural movement of head or eyes.

Anyone who has moved to using progressive (sometimes called varifocal) lenses in their glasses will have experienced the need to adjust their head position to use the required part of their lenses, typically to view close up items. Whilst KUDOS® can’t eliminate this, there is usually scope to achieve a noticeable reduction.

There is no additional charge for patients to use KUDOS® at Monnow Eyecare, and if selected, the personalised progressive lenses cost only a small premium compared to standard progressive lenses. Please ask when booking your next eye examination if you would like to give KUDOS® a try.


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