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Monnow Eyecare is highly recommended by our customers

The Monnow Eyecare c

Monnow Eyecare highly recommended by our customers

ustomer survey, started in 2012, has now gone digital in 2017! This makes it quicker and easier for Monnow Eyecare customers to tell the team how they feel about the staff, service and facilities at the practice.

Their goals are being friendly, professional and providing the best eye care possible to our patients. Customer feedback is requested shortly after a visit, when an email is sent with an invitation to take part in our online survey. The results are collected and independently verified by Aardvark Marketing Consultants. The new practice extension has been a big hit with customers, with 100% rating the Monnow Eyecare practice as modern and easy to access.

Helen Tilley, optometrist, said “we’re always delighted to know that a lot of our new customers come to us because of a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. In our survey 98% of our respondents said they would be happy to recommend us in this way”. They are sure to get a friendly welcome as 95% of our respondents said the receptionists made them feel very welcome and 98% rated all the staff as friendly and approachable.

Because some people feel nervous or worried about having an eye examination it is important that everyone is treated with respect, understands their test results and feels comfortable asking any questions about their examination and their test results. The whole team are proud that they received 100% agreement from customers that our opticians explain the tests and made them feel comfortable during the eye examination and 98% agreed that the optician was knowledgeable and experienced. A new customer commented “This was a very thorough eye test - the best I’ve ever had” and another was impressed with the “state of the art equipment” at the practice. A customer who needed specialist care said they liked “The personal attention to individual problems” and another commented “I am confident that, should I need specialist care, it will be advised and provided at the earliest opportunity”.

Our customers also say, “They are very accommodating with appointments”, and it’s easy to arrange one, simply pop into the practice, book online here or call the friendly reception team on 01600 715 299.


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