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Welsh Eyecare Services


Funded by the Welsh Assembly, we are able to offer a range of subsidised eyecare services for our qualifying patients. If you are unsure if you can benefit from these services, please contact us for more information

Our expert team will take the time to help you find the right contact lenses which suit your lifestyle and preferences whilst carefully considering your prescription to make sure that you can truly look and feel your best with the clearest possible vision and maximum comfort. 

Am I Eligible For A Free Eye Test?

Since 2002 in Wales it has been possible to have an extended eye health examination free of charge if you are in an “at risk” group. This service is funded by the Welsh Assembly.

A Visit to the Optometrist is Free if:

  • You are entitled to free NHS sight test if you:

  • are under 16

  • are 16,17 or 18 and in full time education

  • are 60 or over

  • have been diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma 

  • are 40 or over and your mother, father, sibling or child has been diagnosed with glaucoma

  • have been advised by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) that you are at risk of glaucoma

  • are registered blind or partially sighted

  • need complex lenses (your optician can advise you about your entitlement)

  • your sight test is done by a hospital eye department as part of the management of your eye condition

  • You are also entitled if:

  • you or your partner (including civil partner) receive certain benefits 

  • you are under the age of 20 and the dependant of someone receiving certain benefits

  • you have a low income


Primary Eyecare Acute Referral System

If you have an eye emergency e.g. painful, red, sore eye or sudden loss of vision where do you go?

More of the hospital-based eyecare services will be moved to community optometrists. Monnow Eyecare Optometrists are ideally placed, having studied for advanced qualifications, to take on those services on behalf of our community. 


At Monnow Eyecare we keep diary slots available each day to see these types of emergencies and you can usually be seen the same day.

If you live in Wales or have a Welsh GP then you are entitled to a Welsh Assembly funded assessment.

Our expert optometrists can assess triage and sometimes treat eye emergencies or refer you to the most appropriate place to get prompt treatment.

Low Vision Service

If you or someone close to you has poor vision, this fully funded service includes useful information and advice as well as visual aids we have available. Click here to learn more about our Low Vision Service

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