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At Monnow Eyecare we offer the Eyedream® Ortho-k lens by No 7, designed to be worn overnight, gently reshaping the cornea while asleep and removed in the morning, providing clear and comfortable vision during the day without needing spectacles or conventional soft contact lenses. 

The Eyedream® lens can be used to correct low to moderate myopia up to -5.50DS, and low astigmatism up to -2.50DC.  


The Eyedream® lens is custom-made to fit your eye according to an accurate topographical measurement of your cornea. The lens when worn overnight will gently reshape the cornea to ensure light is accurately focussed onto your retina during the day, allowing clear vision without the need for spectacles, conventional contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. Unlike laser eye surgery, the effect is completely reversible, making this a great option for those people who are or have been considering laser eye surgery. 


Orthokeratology lenses have also been shown to delay the progression of myopia (short sight) in children, a growing area of concern as 50% of the world’s population is projected to be myopic by 2050. Orthokeratology is a great option to manage myopia for children providing a spectacle free treatment. 


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