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Eyecare reform in Wales

In September, the Welsh Government announced a reform to Eyecare to take place over the next 18 months. The main changes will see more clinical work being carried out in the primary care setting.

In practice, at a local level, this means more diagnosis and treatments that would have traditionally taken place at hospital will be available at independent opticians that have attained the necessary qualifications.

Monnow Eyecare has a team of optometrists who have already studied for the advanced qualifications necessary to take on these services and look forward to providing this extended eyecare offering to patients.

We already offer eye emergency appointments, usually on the same day and are able to provide prescriptions for eyecare medication.

Commenting on the announcement Helen Tilley, owner of Monnow Eyecare said “I’m delighted that the Welsh Government has taken this decision which will allow us to provide more in-depth eyecare for people in and around Monmouth and take some pressure off the local hospitals.”

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